Scilab Neural Network

Machine Learning with Neural Network

Neural network and fuzzy logic are two main fields in artificial intelligence to simulate human intelligence in machine. Neural network is a computational and engineering methodology based on emulating how nature has implemented biological brain (in particular, the brain's massively parallel and learning aspects). As such, it holds promise for significant impact on how important classes of scientific and engineering problems are solved. Neural networks are an adaptable system that approximates the operation of the human brain and the central nervous system

With Scilab as the engine, create and design your own fuzzy inference system or neural network would no longer a pain.


How to get the module

The Neural Network module could be installed from Scilab by using "atomsInstall" command.


>>  atomsInstall("neuralnetwork")

Atoms Portal Page

This module is available in Scilab official atoms portal. 

Scilab Neural Network Module

Relevant Course

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