Scilab GUI Builder

A Simpler Way To Build A Graphical User Interface with Scilab

A good impression of a software is usually tied to a good graphical user interface. Scilab comes with numbers of GUI features but unfortunately, there are no tools to build the GUI interactively. 

GUI Builder was a very first module contributed by our developer and made available in Scilab Atoms portal. It has been top 10 download module in the atoms. 


GUI is always useful for the interaction with complex programs. With Scilab GUI capabilities, creating a GUI is easy for beginners.

How to get the module

The GUI Builder could be installed from Scilab by using "atomsInstall" command.

>> atomsInstall("guibuilder")


Atoms Portal Page

This module is available in Scilab official atoms portal. 

Scilab GUI Builder

Relevant Course

Trity Technologies provide training courses using Scilab and other open source software and hardware. Training course related to Scilab GUI Builder module :

Creating Innovative GUI using Scilab


Video Tutorial 1 



Video Tutorial 2


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