Sorting and Stamping System

A System To Learn Process Control With PLC and PC-Control

This system using the PLC to control the sorting and stamping process which could be extend to the PC control with our PC-control options.




With this system, students would be able to see the sorting and stamping process which mimic the real process in industry. The table-top size of this system makes it portable and easily fit into any lab to bring the concept of process control to the students.



  • Support Different platform, such as PLC and PC-based control.

  • Used for lab teaching, as well as for research.

  • Open architecture

  • Experiments to suit the local needs

  • Provide at least 5 experiments.


Possible Experiments:

  • Introduction to pneumatic system

  • Pneumatic control

  • Stamping process

  • Sorting process

  • Problem solving


Available Experiments


Experiments PLC Labview
Introduction to pneumatic system Yes Yes
Pneumatic control Yes Yes
Stamping process Yes Yes
Sorting process Yes Yes
Problem solving yes Yes



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