DC Motor and Inverted Pendulum

A Multi-purposes Real-time Control Experiment Platform

The multi-functions control solution provides multi-platforms and multi-experiments to the lecturers and students from control teaching and learning to advance control research. With this platform, more than 10 experiments could be carried out, and users could use different engineering tools for the experiments.

Heat Transfer System


A System To Study Temperature Control

Heat Transfer System provides a platform for student to learn how to design a control system to regulate the temperature in an enclose environment. 

The students would learn the factor that caused the temperature in the environment and how to control them within the desired set point with the direct digital controller.


Sorting and Stamping System

A System To Learn Process Control With PLC and PC-Control

This system using the PLC to control the sorting and stamping process which could be extend to the PC control with our PC-control options.


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