Rapid Embedded System Design for Internet of Things

Catching Up With New Technologies! 

A 2-Days Course with ARM Cortex-M Development Kit using NUCLEO-F103RB Board. At the end of the workshop, participants will be guided to built a basic smart home.

“A must-attend training for anyone working on IoT ”


Course Synopsis


The Internet of Things (IOT) is a vision that leads to a smart world with ubiquitous computing and networking, where computers can be embedded everywhere and programmed to act with or without human intervention. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been estimated to impact the global economy of more than $11 trillion by 2025.

This training introduces versatile tool for IoT to provide a variety of services for person-to-machine and machine-to-machine interactions. The participants will be introduced to the setting up of ARM Cortex-M hardware development kit (HDK), software development kit (SDK) with embedded C, interfacing with general purpose I/O (GPIO), serial and wireless communications, as well as interacting with renowned IoT platforms.

What Will You Learn

This training focuses on specifying, designing, and programming modern connected embedded systems that are based on off-the-shelve electronic components. Upon completing the course, participants would be able to achieve the following learning outcomes:

- Explain the concepts of IoT

- Familiarize with ARM mbed development environment 

- Build embedded systems with ARM Cortex-M controller

- Develop a simple end-to-end IoT system using ARM Cortex-M HDK and SDK


Who Should Attend

This training is suitable for participants who would like to embrace Internet of Things by using the embedded systems with ARM Cortex-M controller.

Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) 

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Trainer / Presenter

passport photoTanWHDr. Tan Wooi Haw received his M.Sc. in Electronics from Queen’s University of Belfast, UK and a Ph.D. in Engineering from Multimedia University. Currently a senior lecturer at Multimedia University, his expertise includes image processing, embedded system design and computer networking. He has been involved in various government funded projects with publications in international journals and conferences. Dr Tan is active in designing hardware prototype for Internet of Things (IoT) based embedded systems; teaching at undergraduate & postgraduate levels and involve in industry collaboration. Dr Tan is also a regular participant in competitions such as Innovate Malaysia Design Competition, ITEX and PECIPTA, from which he has won several awards.



Course Outline


Day 1

An overview of IoT

A quick tour of ARM processor & STM32 ARM Cortex MCU

Introduction to ARM mbed development platform
- Hand on practical 1 – Setting up mbed development environment

General purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
- Hands-on practical 2 – Basic I/O & PWM
- Hands-on Practical 3 – Analog input

Connecting to sensors and actuator
- Hands-on practical 4 – Interfacing with temperature and humidity sensor
- Hands-on practical 5 – Interfacing with I2C sensor
- Hands-on practical 6 – Controlling a servo motor

Serial communication using UART
- Hands-on practical 7 - UART communication with computer
- Hands-on practical 8 – Bluetooth communication with smart phone


Day 2

Timer and ticker
- Hand on practical 9 – Using Timer and Ticker

ESP8266 WiFi-to-serial bridge
- Hand on practical 10 – Configuring ESP8266

Overview of different IoT platforms
- Hand on practical 11 – Data pushing and monitoring via IoT platforms

IoT event logic and trigger creation
- Hand on practical 12 – Smart button

Mini Project – Basic IoT connected home


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