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Scilab : Complete Learning Experience

A Comprehensive Course for Programming with Scilab

A good foundation is important to migrate to open source solutions. Knowing what is required before jumping into the open source would save a lot of time for path finding.

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“Scilab, the Open source software for numerical computation and Visualization.”


Course Synopsis


Scilab is a scientific software package for numerical computations providing a powerful open computing environment for engineering and scientific applications. Scilab is free software. It is currently used in educational and industrial environments around the world. Scilab is the responsibility of the Scilab Consortium, launched in May 2003.

Scilab includes hundreds of mathematical functions with the possibility to add interactively programs from various languages (FORTRAN, C, C++, JAVA…). It has sophisticated data structures (including lists, polynomials, rational functions, linear systems…), an interpreter and a high level programming language.


Course Objectives

Objectives This 3 day course is designed ideally for anyone beginning to use Scilab and/or would like to learn about the Scilab environment. Essential Scilab topics such as advanced calculator, manipulating matrices, utility commands and graphics, as well as advanced topics like Scilab programming, curve fitting and Graphical User Interface are comprehensively covered throughout this course.


Who Must Attend

This workshop is beneficial to all Researchers, Lecturers, Scientists, Engineers and Managers that would like to experience the scope, scale and power of Scilab.It focuses on the key features of Scilab, and provides an easy-to-use approach in using Scilab GUI. More emphasis will be placed on the programming aspect of Scilab.


No background required. Preferably with experience in basic computer operations


 Notes: This course is the combination of following courses:


  1. Numerical Computation and Visualization with Scilab
  2. Creating Innovative GUI using Scilab


Course Outline

Getting Started with Scilab

  • What is Scilab and its benefits
  • Starting Scilab Interface
  • Scilab Work Directory
  • Important Menus within Scilab
  • Getting and Using Help

Basic Operations and Input/Output with Scilab

  • Expressions in Scilab
  • General Objects in Scilab
  • Input / Output in Scilab environment
  • Variable Handling and Management
  • Command History & General Commands
  • Case Study

Creating and Working with Arrays

  • Creating and Manipulating Vector and Matrix
  • Accessing and Addressing Matrix
  • Mathematical Operations with Matrix
  • Predefined Functions for Analyzing Matrix
  • Logical Operators in Scilab
  • Case Study

Basic Programming

  • The SciPad Editor
  • Creating Script File (*.sce)
  • Creating Function File (*.sci)
  • Comparison between Script Files and Function Files
  • Online / Inline Function
  • Handling Strings in Programming
  • Scilab Program Generation
  • Case Study

Plotting and Visualization

  • 2-D Plotting
  • Labeling and Annotating Graphs
  • Types of 2-D Plots
  • Function Plotting Surface Plot (3-D)
  • Scilab Demonstrations Case Study

Introduction to Building GUI with Scilab

  • Overview of Designing GUI with Scilab
  • 2 ways of GUI design
  • Creating GUI by Programming
  • 3 Simple Steps in Creating GUI
  • Creating GUI using commands
  • Understanding uicontrols and their properties
  • Writing Callback

Creating GUI using GUIBUILDER

  • Creating GUI using GUI Builder (developed by Trity Technologies)
  • Programming of callbacks
  • Passing Data

Message boxes, Dialog boxes and Menus

  • Message Boxes
  • x_GUI
  • Other Standard Dialog boxes
  • Adding Menu to GUI


  • Other capabilities of Scilab
  • Area of applications for Scilab
  • More documentation and online help
  • Installing Scilab in your home PC
  • Summary & Conclusions

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